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Founder of Vaastu Devam Darshna Prajapati and Mayur Bhatt have actively practiced Vaastu for the last 15 years sharing Vedic wisdom as his life mission. They are more technical and scientific in their approach and employ laws of science that are backed up by the latest scientific instruments. They hold hand tightly in the area of geo biology.

They have mastered their self in industrial Vaastu,geo-pathic stress detection with special energy instruments and neutralizing through special researched tools. They are also recognized experts in several knowledge system like astrology, numerology, aromatherapy, crystal therapy,Chakra healing,signature analysis.

Through their knowledge they serve over 1000 clients at Vaastu and more than 2500 clients at Astro throughout India. Their clients include Doctors, Lawyers, Charted Accountants, Builders, Hotels, and indust...

Vastu tips and solutions for successful anything

A Vastu compliant place with everything at the right place and direction can yield excellent results. But the rules and principle which should be followed at home and workplace efficiently to yield effective results and never-ending success.

  • Always face your favorable direction while doing important errands, working, eating, etc.
  • Sleep placing your head towards your favorable direction.
  • The doors of the house must open inwards and should be operated.
  • Avoid sitting with your back towards an entrance door.
  • Never sit under a beam.
  • Keep your place well lit.
  • Avoid metal and plastic furniture.
  • Avoid cluttered workplace.
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A Vastu compliant place with everything at the right place and direction can yield excellent results.

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